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Farewell Bishop

Although these comics are not going to be posted here, you will recieve links to the FA pages which the comics are on.

They do fit in with the journal style comic which ends up being posted on here, and therefore they should be linked from here. If anyone ever bothers to read these posts that is.

Bishop is a friend from this new place of residence who, unfortunately, had to move on to further his life experiences.

This happened a little while ago, and has taken a while to get the comics up. It is a seven part comic, which mostly covers the getting to and from the party rather than the party itself. There were numerous entertaining events which happened during the to and from which were memorable and interesting/entertaining enough to warrent comics to be made of them.

Here you all go:


Tried out a different inking and colouring techniques for this. Specifically ended up colouring using pencils, which was quite a change from the usual computer and bucket fill which has ended up being the comic as of late. This was quite a bit of fun. Still have a lot to learn though, and should really look into getting some pens to colour with, much smoother. Anyway, want to try out different techniques.

The two very colourful characters in the car are Kraden and Jeneara, two thirds of the hosts of ACTfur on air, which in itself is an entertaining podcast... usually.  http://www.actfuronair.com/

Anyway, hope you all are having a good life, where ever you may be.