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Tall places

First off is the comic. Which is essentially a simple concept and easily understood.

Next off, about life in general: It has been busy as of late. Work is hectic and very full. Have been quite tired due to it. But still, good job and hard work are both good things.

Hosted an Australia Day BBQ get-together at my place last Tuesday (the 26th of Jan, being Australia Day). Managed to do BBQ'ing in the hot midday sun, with no cover, for over an hour. So, after eating, being social, drinking (not that much actually, only four beers), along with lots of water consumption, people headed off decent gathering, and meeting of people/eating social etc... Then, I came down with heat stroak, quite badly. So yay, a good and bad day at the same time.

Now is the weekend, after a long week of work. And, once again, lonely has crept in. Social outings craving. Can't really get together with people, or even just have a friend over. Don't really know anyone enough to rank up there as 'friend' at the moment. Still working on that. Moving down to an entirely new place is difficult. Living alone, and then only having social outings in large group settings, and then only very occasionally. Kinda grates on you after a while. Don't want the only social outings to be those of groups, want the quiet, simple, no stress meeting with only a couple of 'friends', even if the 'friends' part is still pending.

Meh'. Anyway, hope that everyone out there in LJ land is having a good life.



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Jan. 31st, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear about the heatstroke--that cannot be fun! The worst I've had is heat exhaustion, complete with vomiting, and that was a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

I can totally identify with the "friend" issue too. I have a few, but they're either not close (in terms of the friendship) or not close (in terms of geography). Hopefully things will be looking up for both of us soon...

I must admit to an enjoyment of tall places, though not for the same reasons :P

P.S. I'm pulling an all-nighter tonight
Feb. 1st, 2010 06:12 am (UTC)
The heatstroke was indeed not fun. Unpleasent experience, coupled with needing to get up early for work the next day. Was pretty much out of it at work on that next day.

Yeah, my 'friend' issue appears to be the same as yours, and frankly your description is very apt. Hopefully yes, the situation will improve. Time changes all things.

Heh, tall places are awesome for many reasons.

P.S. Hope that your all-nighter payed off.
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