Art Journal

Interesting experience indeed.

Have been drawing up an art journal type art thing for the past little while. Now have started to upload the results.

Here is the first page:

Here is the current page:

Esseitially it is allowing a vent for emotions and feelings etc, to hope to minimise the other coping styles which have been in effect for quite a while. Has actually worked also, to an extent. But it has been quite an interesting experience to poor out all of the feelings and everything into art.

Anyway, hope that you enjoy, whoever reads this.

Finally updating - Memories

Well it has been a while indeed since the last update. Not that anyone really reads this. But anyway, for those who do.

Ristin and Marko came down for a visit a little while ago, and thus have turned the major events of that visit into a little comic.

Was lovely to have them up here, and to spend some time with them. Quite a many things happened during the trip and have attempted to show the more major aspects. Anyway, here it is: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4099605

So, there you all go. An update of life and evets.

Other than that, just going along, work and home. Nothing too interesting.
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Farewell Bishop

Although these comics are not going to be posted here, you will recieve links to the FA pages which the comics are on.

They do fit in with the journal style comic which ends up being posted on here, and therefore they should be linked from here. If anyone ever bothers to read these posts that is.

Bishop is a friend from this new place of residence who, unfortunately, had to move on to further his life experiences.

This happened a little while ago, and has taken a while to get the comics up. It is a seven part comic, which mostly covers the getting to and from the party rather than the party itself. There were numerous entertaining events which happened during the to and from which were memorable and interesting/entertaining enough to warrent comics to be made of them.

Here you all go:


Tried out a different inking and colouring techniques for this. Specifically ended up colouring using pencils, which was quite a change from the usual computer and bucket fill which has ended up being the comic as of late. This was quite a bit of fun. Still have a lot to learn though, and should really look into getting some pens to colour with, much smoother. Anyway, want to try out different techniques.

The two very colourful characters in the car are Kraden and Jeneara, two thirds of the hosts of ACTfur on air, which in itself is an entertaining podcast... usually.  http://www.actfuronair.com/

Anyway, hope you all are having a good life, where ever you may be.

Tall places

First off is the comic. Which is essentially a simple concept and easily understood.

Next off, about life in general: It has been busy as of late. Work is hectic and very full. Have been quite tired due to it. But still, good job and hard work are both good things.

Hosted an Australia Day BBQ get-together at my place last Tuesday (the 26th of Jan, being Australia Day). Managed to do BBQ'ing in the hot midday sun, with no cover, for over an hour. So, after eating, being social, drinking (not that much actually, only four beers), along with lots of water consumption, people headed off decent gathering, and meeting of people/eating social etc... Then, I came down with heat stroak, quite badly. So yay, a good and bad day at the same time.

Now is the weekend, after a long week of work. And, once again, lonely has crept in. Social outings craving. Can't really get together with people, or even just have a friend over. Don't really know anyone enough to rank up there as 'friend' at the moment. Still working on that. Moving down to an entirely new place is difficult. Living alone, and then only having social outings in large group settings, and then only very occasionally. Kinda grates on you after a while. Don't want the only social outings to be those of groups, want the quiet, simple, no stress meeting with only a couple of 'friends', even if the 'friends' part is still pending.

Meh'. Anyway, hope that everyone out there in LJ land is having a good life.
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Temp fix

Once again this is just a little diddy demonstrating current feelings rather than anything of importance. Since life at the moment is rather dull, productive with regards to work and keeping on going, but dull.

Has been surprisingly lonely as of late, just work and home, not much motivation to do much else, combined with a lack of social contact. This is at least the excuse for the lack of updates and images etc... Though the whole lonely does kinda... screw with the overall perception of the world after a while. Quite interesting. Have had a couple of chats with a couple of different people over the net, which has quite helped, if only to vent a bit, and have, although only a more 'fake' contact, but still interaction not just with myself. So that is good. Though there isn't much of it at all really.

Anyway, booze is wonderful. Especially a nice beer or Scotch. Very nice.


A ponderance which ususally happens for me.

Existance, we are a combination of our genetics and experiences which form us. Essentially, talking through a purely scientific standpoint, we only exist to further the existance of our species as a whole, and that our existance means attempting to produce, protect and provide for offspring.

From a religious standpoint, things are entirely different.

Don't have any religious standpoint, so only scientific for me. Thus, this comic.

Hope everyone is surviving well, and living an enjoyable life while it lasts.

Why no updating lately?

This is why no updating lately.

As have moved into my own place (for the first time ever) it was very bland. Just really a 'place to hold my stuff' and not in any way a 'home'.

Therefore have been doing some artworks to make the place more... inviting. Yeah, it has been fun. And no, not going to show them on here. Still trying to keep these two worlds somewhat seperate.

Have been drinking much too much lately. This past week finished off 12 beers (Coopers Sparkling), 1/2 a bottle of Gin, 1/4 a bottle of Scotch and a shot of a very expensive (and very very nice) Scotch. So... yeah. Has been... interesting. So internal conversations as to the why and all of that have been going on. Mostly regarding the stopping of this excessive consumption. Bleh.

Anyway, have a lovely time everyone.

Beer+Drinking+Company=Better than Company

Yep title says it all really.

Have been drinking quite a bit lately. And this was an internal thought/conversation. Granted you are getting the condensed version.

Attended my first ever 'Fur-meet' (also an Art-jam) last Wednesday, which was a very novel experience. Unfortunately was not as socal and quick witted as usual due to a level of fear and some level of reluctance as well. Several, somewhat odd experiences happened during the meet. First off was a girl who looked over to me, and... almost shouted "DO YOU HAVE A FURSONA!?" To which I responded, that we essentially use the word fur way too often, and that we place it in places it shouldn't be placed and was annoying. As has been covered previous in this journal (second entry I think?).

But answered none the less, after the fact.

And promptly realised while looking through my sketch book that there weren't really any up to date and, for lack of a better phrase, more good, version of my character sheet. That and nothing was in colour. So, therefore with that in mind have done a...


Woo, it is very interesting to look at this one in comparison to the first ever one from 2008. Have improved over the past year. Even without drawing a significant amount. So, that definitely gives a level of hope to the future years. Hopefully will keep progressing and getting better (and trying out new styles).

Anyway, there were a few other things, which won't be covered here, but may end up the topic of another comic, possibly, which happened. Definitely an interesting experience all up. Not so much relaxing (as was during the week and couldn't just stay and relax, needed to get up for work early the next morning as per usual), but definitely enjoyable. Hopefully next time will have more time to just be and draw and stuff like that, rather than drinking a six pack in three hours and attempting to not freak out due to paranoid thoughts too much. Heh.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend (or have as the case may be) and that the next week works out well for everyone. Cheers.



Hehehe PUN!

Yeah. Anyway.

Have still been drinking too much. Mess though, gets on my nerves and must be delt with. Order will win eventually!

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Easy good times (when alone)

Yeah, moving to a new place (interstate). Means not knowing anyone, and not being able to meet up/hang out with anyone.

Thus, resorting to older, tried and true methods can work nicely.

Like last night... though, it probably isn't such a good thing in the long run. :/

Really won't be a set solution, obviously. Just, drinking and watching Youtube clips can be a good end to a long week of work. Though hopefully won't become habit or a regular occurance.